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Kidney Function

Did you know?

Your Kidneys are responsible for life-critical functions including:

  • Removal of wastes, drugs and fluids
  • Production of a form of Vitamin D, which is critical to your body’s ability to absorb calcium and build and maintain strong, healthy bones.
  • Monitoring the release of certain hormones that help regulate blood pressure

Filtering Wastes and Regulating Chemical Levels

Your kidneys are sort of the equivalent to your body’s water sanitation and treatment plant. They help to filter wastes and excess fluids from your body which, in turn, exit your body via your urine. Kidneys also regulate the amount of potassium, salts and acids in your body. If not functioning the way they should, wastes can accumulate and the chemical make-up of your blood will be out of balance.
Kidney Function tests, often referred to as Renal Function tests, can help determine how well your kidneys are working. Additional issues can develop if your kidneys aren’t working to their fullest potential, especially for those with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

ARCpoint Labs offers kidney function blood screen tests as well as many other options to help you know and manage your body and your health. No insurance is required, and we don’t require a doctor’s order. Some services are available without an appointment. If you need any or all of the above kidney (renal) lab tests, contact ARCpoint Labs today and let us help you manage your health.

Components of Renal/Kidney Function Tests

Renal or Kidney Function testing can include the following:

  • Albumin, Serum
  • BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen)
  • BUN : Creatinine Ratio
  • Calcium, serum
  • Carbon dioxide, total
  • Chloride, serum
  • Creatinine, serum
  • Glucose, serum
  • Phosphorus, serum
  • Potassium, serum
  • Sodium, serum
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