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Rohypnol GHB Drug

Did you know?

  • The dangers of date rape drugs are amplified when mixed with alcohol or synthetic drugs. One such combination, called a “speedball” is a blend of Ecstasy and Rohypnol. Date rape drug testing can indicate the presence of substances even in conjunction with alcohol.
  • Date rape drugs aren’t regulated, so their potency can vary greatly. For example, a small dose of Rohypnol may simply cause a relaxing effect on the body. But a large dose has the potential to halt breathing or cause heart failure, even death.
  • GHB was originally manufactured to help in childbirth and alleviate anxiety. But its unmeasured, unregulated use as a date rape drug can result in extreme reactions similar to those of Rohypnol, including comas and death.
Date rape drug testing can accurately detect the presence of GHB and Rohypnol.

Date Rape Drug Street Names

  • Rohypnol (street names: ” roofies”, “rope” or “the forget pill”)
  • GHB (street names: “salt water”, “goop” or “soap”)
  • Ketamine (street names: “bump”, “green” or “jet”)

If You’ve Been Exposed to Date Rape Drugs

If you experience troubling health effects from suspected exposure to a date rape drug, call 911 right away. Until you receive medical assistance do your best to change nothing about your appearance. Avoid even brushing your teeth, because preserving all evidence is critical if law enforcement and the courts become involved in your case.
If you suspect you’ve been slipped a date rape drug but are reluctant to call the police, contact ARCpoint Labs. We can run tests to determine if your suspicions are warranted.
Our staff will handle your situation with sensitivity and ensure you are comfortable — and comforted — while we take the non-invasive sample for testing.
In sensitive situations where date rape drug testing is necessary, you can trust ARCpoint to handle collection samples respectfully and discreetly. Our testing specialties include:

  • Teens and young adults
  • Social and family services
  • Military
  • Private citizens
Rohypnol and GHB are common date rape drugs that can be discreetly added to a beverage.

 When you have questions about date rape drug testing, ARCpoint Labs has answers.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.