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Prescription Drug Testing

Prescription Drug Abuse: A Growing Problem

Every year, millions of Americans misuse prescription drugs. These non-medical regimens drive up admissions to drug treatment programs; they also account for more overdose-related ER visits.

If you’re concerned that a loved one is misusing prescription drugs, don’t wait for an accidental overdose. ARCpoint Labs offers comprehensive drug testing that measures the presence of illicit substances in urine, blood, saliva, hair and fingernails.

Get fast, comprehensive results with a 10-panel urine drug test analysis

  • ARCpoint Labs offers instant urine drug tests where allowed by state law; in states that prohibit instant testing a sample is sent to a SAMHSA-certified lab to obtain test results.
  • 10-panel urine drug tests do not require a prescription or COC (Chain of Custody)
  • When urine tests produce non-negative results, we recommend follow-up lab testing. These results are often available within 1-3 days.
Image of urine filled container being tested with testing strip.

One Solution: 10-Panel Drug Testing

The 10-panel test can detect the use of prescription drug not prescribed by a medical practitioner. The 10-panel drug screen used to measure the presence of illicit substances is usually performed via urine testing.

Instant 10-Panel Urine Drug Test

Our labs frequently administer 10-panel drug screen. This popular test screens urine for 10 different drug types, both illegal and prescription drugs. In states where our 10-panel instant drug test is available, we typically have results within eight minutes.

Lab Based 10-Panel Urine Test

Unlike the instant test, the lab-based 10-panel urinalysis includes a chain of custody that delivers it to the lab for complete testing of all 10 requested drugs. Results are typically provided within 1-3 days; a Medical Review Officer (MRO) can review results.

Who Uses a 10-Panel Urinalysis?

Teens suspected of drug use, persons on parole and individuals involved in child custody issues are all likely candidates for a 10-panel urinalysis screen.

10-Panel Drug Categories

In addition to illegal drugs, such as cocaine, angel dust, heroin and marijuana, our 10-panel drug test screens for drugs in these categories:

    • cocaine
    • amphetamines/methamphetamines
    • THC/marijuana
    • methadone
    • opiates
    • phencyclidine (PCP)
    • barbiturates
    • benzodiazepines
    • methaqualone
    • propoxyphene

Your local ARCpoint Labs representative can explain which drugs are included in their 10-panel drug test.

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Learn more about prescription drug testing at an ARCpoint Lab near you.

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