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Ethnicity DNA Testing


Did You Know?
Ancestry DNA tests can determine ancestry based on 6 basic geographical regions, many of which are divided further into sub-regions.

  • North America (Native American)
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • West Asia
  • Asia
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What’s My Mix?

An ancestry DNA test will evaluate the different ethnicities running through your family’s genealogy. With a diverse and complex history of cultures and groups, many United States citizens have multiple ethnicities within their family tree.

Over the past several decades, geneticists mapped the entire world and identified certain unique DNA traits among certain people groups living in certain parts of the world. They’ve determined there’s a unique DNA structure among ethnicities.

Ancestry DNA testing cannot only unlock long-lost family tree information, but it also can be helpful in resolving inheritance issues or preventing disease that may be part of your family history.

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