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Child Custody

Drug & Alcohol Testing for Child Custody

Determining if a parent is using drugs or alcohol or if the child is living in a drug environment is needed in child custody hearings. Keeping children safe is top priority for all involved in the case — from the lawyers to the judges and even those who run the drug tests.

ARCpoint Labs works with judicial systems to provide accurate, reliable and confidential drug and alcohol testing. We offer many drug and alcohol testing options. Social services workers can choose the test that you need depending on how quickly you need results (instant or lab-based) and the time frame you need to determine drug use (window of detection).

Father holding young female in the air.
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Drug Monitoring for Custody Cases

We also offer tools that can monitor for recent substance abuse or 24/7 monitoring.
We follow all steps needed to provide court-admissible test results, from drug and alcohol tests to DNA tests. This ensures that you will be relying on the most accurate and trusted information when determining placement of a child.

For more information on child custody drug & alcohol testing, contact your local ARCpoint Labs today.

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