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Lab Testing for Your Medical Needs

ARCpoint Labs of Bellingham has partnered with many of the largest nationally accredited laboratory service providers across the country to provide the best of all available diagnostic services. Our negotiated rates help us provide value at affordable prices for your patients while maintaining the high quality, trusted results you need.

Health & Wellness Services & Screening

Diagnostic testing is an essential aspect of maintaining overall health and wellness. Through the insights provided by complete testing, patients are empowered to understand and act on their health needs. We supply the latest health tests and wellness panels that can help your patients get to the bottom of their symptoms and make positive changes in their lives.

Keep Your Patients Healthy

Convenience helps your patients follow your advice and ultimately improve their health outcomes. With ARCpoint Labs of Bellingham, it’s easy for patients to get necessary testing done, access their results and get a better understanding of what they need to do. In short, we help patients take control of their health and wellness with a robust focus on tools for prevention. Our tests allow patients to monitor chronic and lifestyle diseases and make the changes they need to maintain peak wellness.


STD Testing

With accurate, confidential STD tests at ARCpoint Labs, you can determine if you have a sexually transmitted disease and pursue treatment whenever necessary.


Put Questions to Rest with Reliable DNA Testing

The advanced technology of modern science has made it possible for ordinary individuals to be well-informed through an increasingly wide variety of advanced DNA testing services. Whether you are motivated by curiosity about your cultural or ethnic heritage, or because child support/custody or an inheritance matter is at stake, or to make better informed health decisions, convenient, affordable and confidential DNA testing can provide answers.


Monitor Your Patient's Progress

For physicians in Bellingham looking for new and better ways to support their patients’ health, ARCpoint Labs of Bellingham is the natural partner. We will be glad to answer all your questions and help you integrate any of our testing services into your current patient care protocols.


Some of our most sought-after tests include:

  • Allergen and food sensitivity testing
  • Cholesterol and heart health panels
  • Comprehensive women’s and men’s health panels
  • Chemistry and metabolic profile
  • Diabetes Testing
  • Thyroid Panel
  • Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency Testing

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