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Vendor Information


To ensure the service and performance capabilities of all vendors providing products and services to the ARCpoint Franchise Group (AFG) and independent ARCpoint Labs owners (owners).

Vendor Selection: New vendors will be evaluated using the following criteria (but not limited to):

  • Pricing: Competitive pricing is one component of the evaluation process but may be outweighed by other factors. Pricing alone will not be a deciding factor unless all else is equal.
  • Reciprocity: Preference will be given to mutually beneficial relationships regarding products and services offered between both parties
    • Product Quality: As determined through the ARCpoint evaluation process
    • Compliance Standards: Relative to current industry practices
  • Availability: Our ability to utilize product and services within the ARCpoint system in a timely matter
  • Fulfillment: limited vendors will be included on the AVL in specific market verticals. AFG reserves the right to limit inclusion based upon the needs of the ARCpoint system, to preserve existing partnerships, and to protect against overall system dilution.
    • References & Referrals: Feedback we receive during our initial review and going forward.
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To provide methods for determining, documenting, and ensuring vendor compliance with AFG policies and procedures. Purchased products and services should conform to specified AFG requirements. This starts with selection of appropriate vendors that have the capability and systems to provide products and services which satisfy AFG requirements. Additionally, vendors are controlled only to the level necessary to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations per AFG and its owners.

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Approved Vendor List (AVL): Qualified vendors will be listed on the Approved Vendor List (AVL) maintained throughout the ARCpoint system and listed on our intranet systems.

Reporting Requirements: All vendors must be capable of producing and providing utilization reports to the AFG on a regular or requested basis. The vendor reporting process must include data reflecting totals throughout the ARCpoint system and/or specific locations. Criterion for submitted reports will be established by the AFG and specific to the products or services provided by the vendor.

Ongoing evaluation of vendors: Existing vendors will be continuously evaluated for their performance in the delivery of products and services throughout the ARCpoint system and to our owners. Feedback from owners will determine continued use of all vendors used within the ARCpoint network.

Disqualification: Vendors not responsive to corrective action requests or unable to correct problems with delivery, product quality, or service may be disqualified. Disqualification will be established through consensus between the AFG and its owners, with the ultimate decision being made by the AFG.


This procedure applies to all vendors of products, materials, and services that directly affect the quality of ARCpoint Labs products and services. Generally, this applies to vendors providing services in the areas of:

  • Laboratories
  • Medical Review Officers (MRO)
  • Third-party administrators (TPA)
  • Product manufacturers and distributors (specific to ARCpoint service offerings)
  • Marketing Support
  • Software / Data providers
  • Device or instrument manufacturers (specific to ARCpoint service offerings)
  • Wellness, clinical and occupational health related services

Industry trainers or consultants

Any vendor designated by AFG requiring approval

This policy does not cover vendors whom provide services for:

Site construction or build out

General office administration

Utility or telephone companies

Office furniture or supplies

All vendors not requiring approval as determined by AFG

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Submission Period: (July 1st – September 30th) this is the open period for new vendors to submit proposals, fee schedules, and other materials to AFG for inclusion on the AVL. Vendors providing products and services with offerings in areas where the ARCpoint system has current vendors will be limited to submission during this time period annually.

Submission Requirements: Content of submissions is unrestricted, but must address the requirements established within this VAP. Submissions may include proposals, fee schedules, empirical data, marketing material, etc. Please limit submissions to products and services which are currently available and ready for utilization by the end of the submission period or January 1st of the coming year.

Mailed Submissions:

ARCpoint Franchise Group
220 North Main Street, Suite 325
Greenville, SC 29601
Attn: Chris Williams

Approval Process: (October 1st – November 15th) this internal process includes considerations by the AFG; owner comprised advisory boards (when applicable), owner outreach, various forum discussions and other evaluation criterion as established by the ARCpoint system.

Notification: Vendor approval and inclusion on the AVL will be awarded immediately upon approval, but no later than December 1st of each calendar year. When applicable, expedited notification will be given to all vendors when the process of implementation is anticipated to require additional time for a potential January 1st start date.

New Markets: Vendors providing product and services with offerings in areas where the ARCpoint system does not currently have vendors will be considered throughout each calendar year when opportunity exists. Careful consideration will be given to overall market potential throughout the ARCpoint system.

Emailed Submissions: